Vanessa Gauch

Vanessa Gauch

Here they are, the newest series of women’s technique videos by Vanessa Gauch!

These videos are real treasures to your collection and can be found here on youtube. Before watching this video, here are some useful points to keep in mind.

1. Knee Pain and Leg Position

One of the most useful tips is on the position of your feet, or the “V” position. Although it is possible, we should be very careful about positioning our feet comfortably and not to any extreme form. In tango and other dances it is essential that we watch the position of our knees and feet. By bending the knees we put extra pressure on them and therefore it is extremely important that the bent knee and the same foot point in the same direction. The same rule applies for aerobics, ballet and tango!

This will all make sense when you watch the video below :) .

Why is the same rule? Let’s look at some examples from other dances. I came across classical Vaganova method  ballet dancers, who did not pay attention to the 180 degree plié-open first position, meaning that their knees and feet were facing different directions, and were not aware of this. During movement, they were forced to pivot using their knees and ankles.
As a result, these dancers had to stop ballet all together, due to serious knee injuries.
Advice: When bending at the knees, take the time to examine your position, that your knees and feet are always facing the same direction. (both of them!)

2. Stability and Hip Height

Another great tip, Keep your free hip grounded. (=the hip above your free leg)
Here are some explanations from other masters:

  •  Keep your free hip down, at the same level as the other! (this is the most practical for movement, as the hips will be positioned on one line)
  • The two hip-bones stay at the same level! (this is my favorite)
  • The free hip should not move above to the other! (the clearest)

Which ever explanation you use, pay attention to the alignment of your hips during practice!

And now the video!

This is a fantastic video, thank you Vanessa Gauch!

Ladies every little bit counts,  just keep practicing.  Your efforts are to be congratulated!

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