Szeghalmi Endre és Glotz MáriaPrivate Tango lessons in Budapest

Group lessons and private lessons are equally useful for developing your style and technique in Argentine tango!

What are the advantages of private lessons?

1. Fast development possibilities!
2. Advice given specifically for your needs
3. You can come alone or with a partner
4. Flexible schedule
4. Lessons are useful and effective for every level; from complete beginners to all advanced levels!

I lived in Buenos Aires for more than 7 months, and during that time I learned so much from many great masters who have been dancing tango for more than 60 years.

The methods of these masters are truly fantastic- simple yet effective, and with a lot of personality.  My teaching is based on these great masters’ methods, but also include my own experience, ideas and insight according to what I feel is best for my students.

More about me and my professional tango curriculum vitae here.
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