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Endre Hajnal Argentine Tango Dance TheatreWhat is the connection between me and tango?

As I got to know tango, I immediately felt in love with every aspect of this dance. I was inspired to try many different styles, and therefore I spent long hours in Hungary and Buenos Aires, dancing.

I’ve stayed in Buenos Aires for a long time, and had the chance to learn from and meet amazing people and maestros.

I danced on the street for money in front of the Saint Stephen Basilica and even on the French Riviera. I have attended countless milongas in many parts of the world, and I even performed  in Buenos Aires as student of Carlos Perez, “el maestro de los maestros”.

My name is associated with the first First Outdoor Tango Flashmob in Budapest:

I also danced tango on stage in Argentina (Esquina Homero Manzi)

In order to understand of the tango maestros I attended these classes: ballet, jazz dance and joga. These all provided me with a deep insight of art movement. I am a graduated dance teacher.

Now I teach Argentine tango for groups and private students. I am also a dj here and internationally. My other passion is ToastMasters.

The most interesting for you might be my blog.

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