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Argentine Tango Movies Part I. (1921 – 1992)

Movies all tanguer@s should watch or at least know about! The following article briefly summarizes movies dealing with argentine tango from 1921. Due to the amount of movies associated with tango, the least important ones are omitted, such as “Tango” from 1933 with Libertad Lamarque, Pepe Arias Tita Merello; or the Norwegian “Soldier of Orange” from 1977. Hope you’ll enjoy the movies! :) Part I. : 1921 – 1992 The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, 1921 Director: Rex Ingram Cast: Rudolph Valentino (Julio Desnoyers), Alice Terry (Marguerite Lurier), Pomeroy Cannon (Madariaga, the Centaur) Plot: Argentine landowner Julio Madariaga treats...

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