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It was Argentine tango that led me to Buenos Aires. Twice already.

First time only 40 days. Clearly enough, to visit some milongas, learn from great maestros, participate in some classes.
At this time I did not speak Spanish therefore most of the time I was struggling with English or French.

But the second visit was different!
It was about learning a lot from the great maestro Carlos Perez, dancing in the Esquina Homero Manzi, being able to communicate and speak Spanish helped me a lot! During more than seven months, I met many fantastic people, great dancers, discovered  amazing traditional and not so traditional milongas in every type of embrace.. I even participated in the Tango De Salon Word Championship in Buenos Aires :)

Ok, but what is this blog about? Everything that Argentine tango means to me!
It is about me, a milonga organizer, a private and group instructor, organizer of tango camps; It is about the embrace, going to ballet and jazzdance classes. My opinion about tango techniques, music, tango, classes, methods, steps, milongas in Budapest and worldwide.
Join me on this journey…

Now let’s see the posts!

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How to download your FAVORITE tango music?

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