Argentin tango milonga in Budapest
Dear Tangueros

Join us in our Thursday milonga! Excellent floor, mood lights, bar, the best dancers of Budapest await you in a less-used location within
Duna Palota.

You may also reserve your seat:
We hold reserved seats until 9:30pm. Please do not sit on seats which
are reserved for someone else! Details usually in the facebook event.

To make sure there is no change of venue click here
When: 9pm-midnight
Where: Duna Palace, Zrinyi str. 5.
Cost: 1000 HUF (please bring exact amount, we do not take large notes)

Come, it will be a great party!

Balázs  —
Endre   —
Konrád  —

DJ: Balázs/Konrad/Endre

Endre: +36 30 388 6766
Konrád: +36 70 32 08 666

Get ready for our tango party :)