A nők táncolnakIt is well known that women learn to dance quicker.  It is the same in Argentine tango. The following recordings are proof of this.

Here are some tips for practicing:

  • Use a mirror if you can; but also try practicing without a mirror !
  • Pay attention not to let your shoulders raise during the exercises!
  • Don’t pull your shoulders back and don’t let your elbows fall behind the line of your shoulders.
  • Practice in socks or practice shoes first, then in dance shoes.
  • Pay attention to your posture! Incorrect posture in the long run can lead to back problems or injuries:  lordosis and kyphosis.
  • Be sure that your knees are always facing the same direction as your feet when you bend your legs.
  • Warm-up before practice and stretching afterwards are strongly recommended.

For more tips and techniques visit my blog. Video lessons on women’s technique will be published on a regular basis!