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I’m in love with tango music, as a dj and as a dancer.

I’ve been to Buenos Aires five times, alltogether more than a year there. During that time I attended many different styles of tango evenings, and paid good attention to what factors make for a great dance evening.Moving from tanda to tanda, I choose my music carefully according to time period, orchestra and atmosphere.

I am organizer and DJ of the Budapest based castle milonga which is said to be among one of the most beautiful milonga venues of Europe.

A taste of the Castle Milonga:

Important Upcoming Events:

2015/09/12 – Cracow Tango Marathon – Cracow, Poland
2015/05/02 – Transylvania Tango – Brukenthal Palace,  Avrig, Romania

Important Past Events:

2015/02/04 -Milonga in Tel Aviv – Tel Aviv, Israel
2014/11/21 – Tango Wellness Weekend- Siófok, Hungary
2014/06/25 – Balaton Marathon- Balatonföldvár,Hungary
2014/05/05 – Tango Swing Festival- Budapest,Hungary
2014/05/29  – Temesvár Tango Festival – Temesvár,Romania
2014/04/27 – Premilonga 2nd Primavera Budapest Tango Marathon- Budapest,Hungary
2013/08/29 – Tango Café Carpathian Tango Festival – Budapest,Hungary
2011/12/18 – Christmas Tango Ball – Budapest,Hungary
2011/10/11 – OctoberPest TangoFest – Budapest,Hungary
2011/08/24 – Tango Café Danubiando Tango Festival – Hungary
2010/08/25 – After Party Danubiando Tango Festival – Budapest,Hungary
2010/04/05 – Easter Tango Ball – Budapest,Hungary