jorge torres tango

Jorge Torres

Mastering your axis

The more time I spend with tango, the more I realize that miracles don’t exist.

As my dear jazz instructor said: it takes PRACTICE. Our body has limits that need to be worked on to be expanded. The following short video lesson can help you achieving this!

The essentials:

  • strength: maintaining and improving muscular strength that is necessary to move our body
  • flexibility: the openness of joints and flexibility of muscles
  • technique: …

In reality we keep talking about these things instead of taking action.For example daily stretching is essential above 30 and a good amount of exercising is just as important. Tango is not the easiest dance. Keeping your axis, maintaining your balance and having the right twist, dissociation in your body is hard but with practice this can be greatly improved.

The following video of Jorge Torres helps with this.

The exercise strengthens muscles even in the deeper layers. Improves rhythmical skills, acoustic and orientation skills, gives you a sense of muscles, improves balance and coordination.

It isn’t mere chance that Jorge Torres is so popular in the USA!

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