The final of the 2017 Tango de Pista World Championship was transmitted online.

If you missed it…

then you could be sad and happy in the same time. The online transmission was a bit hard to enjoy as they were changing the cameraview all the time during the competition.
mundial-luna park

Regional competitions

88 couples qualified from the 417 couples to the semifinal and 38 couple qualified from the 119 couples to the final.
If you carefully check the numbers you can spot out that there are some strange correlations.  How could happen that 88 couples got through the preliminary, but 119 couples was competing in the semifinal?
The answer is simple. You can qualify to the semifinal from regional competitions, but the European champion goes directly to the final.

Interesting facts

The entrance was free as all to the other events of the festival.

Comparing to the last year, there were no same sex couples in the final, but there was a pregnant dancer.
Sooo interesting, right? The couple 141 in the 4th ronda.

The first placed in the semifinal German Ballejo – Magdalena were 23th placed in the preliminary.

In the first five placed couple in the semifinal there were three Russian. In the final … ZERO in the first five.

If you are interested about all the results you can check them here. (preliminary, semifinal, final)

The music: The first song was always Di Sarli and the last was Juan d’Arienzo in each ronda. They have changed the system comparing to the last year, because before usually all the three songs were different in different rounds.


Do you remember the dancer who is expecting a child? They where the 3th. As the presenter said:
“En realidad no es una pareja es un trío”



The guy is one of my favorite dancer. Amazing technique.
sencond placed

The champions are:

German Ballejo and Magdalena Gutierrez

It is kind of impossible but they received 10.00 points someone from the jury. Amazing, isn’t it?

Now let’s see how they were dancing the Baile de los Campeones:

¡Felicitaciones Campeones!