Everyone has /had a good reason to start tango. Someone is convinced by his or her partner, someone is in love with the tango music or just seen a great tango movie like the “Scent of a Woman (1992) with Al Pacino. I guess, there might be thousands of other ideas why to start…

The source of this article

This year on a regular tango night called Milonga Sin Palabras I had a simple, average conversation with a tanguero. We, tango dancers often have such a chit-chat while at the same time we keep our eyes on the dance floor hoping for an amazing embrace. From a regular talk we got to a point when I realized: this is he most engaging “Why/How I started tango” story I have ever heard.
I found it very special so nowI try to collect the most fascinating, interesting and exciting tango inception stories from the world.

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The question is given:

Why / How did you start to dance tango?

1st story

The first story is short, but very powerful.


I had a colleague who was paralyzed from waist down. When I visited her in the hospital, she told me what she was dreaming about on the previous night. She was dancing. I was totally shocked and did not know what to say. And I was thinking, Oh my God, both of my legs are healthy and I do not dance, although I always wanted to. Who knows when it will be late? So I tried to find an opportunity, and here I am, I dance now.

2nd story

founder of http://www.argentinetangoradio.com/


I started dancing tango 10 years ago; here is the shorter version of my story.

My wisdom teeth started to hurt. At that time I was a phd student in the US with no dental insurance. The doctor told me for $100 that my wisdom teeth hurts – which I already knew – and also the price of the full treatment; it cost less to fly back to Hungary for care and I decided to do just that. This was around the time the crisis began, with Iceland going under; I tracked how the króna fell against the dollar and I thought I was smart to buy a cheap ticket with Icelandair. It was not that smart after all: the crisis cut deeper than expected and by the time I arrived to Reykjavík many flights to Europe got cancelled.

I stayed in Iceland for four days, visiting its magnificent terrains, volcanos, lagoons and waterfalls. On a Wednesday evening, after a tiresome hike to the Geysir, I sat down in a cafe called Kaffitár Café to read a novel by Halldór Laxness. Soon after people pushed away the tables and began to dance. I found myself in a milonga. After watching their dance for an hour and a half I knew I want to learn it. I got back home, lost my wisdom teeth, and started to dance tango.

(The longer version includes preparing for the BP Expedition to
Antarctica for young scientists, which involved a trip through Buenos
Aires, but this is a story for another day.)


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