What are the best surprises for our partners or friends, if we know they are obsessed with dancing tango? It isn’t a bad idea to give them a voucher for a private or group dance lesson, however, if we want to be really unique, there is more than just this, and tango clothes or shoes.

The following article is going to list a few of them. Some of them are funny, others cute or even surprising. :)
Personally, I always struggle with choosing the right presents at Christmas, therefore I hope that can help you a bit with these ideas.

1. Refillable Perfume Bottle

A bottle of perfume or deodorant is absolutely necessary while traveling for tango dancers. But the size of the bottle largely depends on the brand and package you own. Why would you take the whole bottle if you can put enough for a week into a refillable perfume holder? It works very easily. You just take off the press-button of your perfume bottle and pump a few milliliters into the refillable one.

Travalo is one of the most popular brands. Here are some pictures and a short video, how to use them:


Travalo Simple



Travalo Gift pack


Travalo Elegant


Lots of website are selling, like this:

2. „Cabeceo me” bag

Cafepress is an online shop selling various tango-related gifts, too, such as funny bags, cool magnets, and stickers. Moreover, you can also find here rhinos dancing tango on a mug. :)


Cabeceo me bag



tango sticker

I love the text, this is the reason why this is here

3. Mini portable fan

It is extremely funny to try them out. There are many different sizes, some of them are only as small as half of your palm. Before I only knew the ones you had to plug into a laptop or into a USB-port, but nowadays you can get them with a built-in battery.
You only need to type in „personal fan” or „USB fan” on amazon.com, and as a result, you will see all different types, some with a battery or with a USB charger, or others directly linked to your mobile:

Several types( for iphone, for android, …)



The following one is quite incredible, it is a power bank and portable fan at the same time. This is a bigger version, but there are smaller one, as well.

4. Magnetic collar stays

A big problem with shirts is that their collar can look very untidy. Even if it has been ironed before, it can still give you a wrinkled impression. This is why collar stays has been invented, but the modern magnetic ones are the really cool ones.
There are many designs to choose from, but an average one looks like this:
magnetic collar stays

And this is the result:


But how is it possible? This video is going to help you:

5.  L’espirant, the reinvented undershirt

Did you know that a tango dancer created a brilliant piece of clothing that can change the world’s habits of dressing? He created a design, that can be worn under a shirt instead of a T-shirt or vest. It is fully invisible, but at the same time very practical.

More details about L’espirant

6. TheDanceSocks, which turns every pair of shoes into tango footwear

Finally, there are durable dance-socks available online, which turns all kind of sticky footwear into a perfect pair of tango shoes. There are more colors available, so you can choose which one matches your shoes the best. You never know when you might end up at a milonga, for example on your way home from the theater. In this case, you just need to put on the DanceSocks over your street shoes, and you are good to go! Of course, it doesn’t replace a pair of tango shoes completely, but it is a perfect temporary solution.. more details>>>

7. Traditional fans

selyem legyező
A traditional fan is always useful for cooling down. Formerly, they have been also used as a fighting tool, during a tea-ceremony or for giving special signals, etc..

As I am not so familiar with the different type of fans, I interviewed Szilvi Balogh, who is a teacher of Misterio TangoSchool in Veszprem. She doesn’t only teach tango, but she is also a Thai chi practitioner and owns a fighting fan at home! According to her opinion, the available (fan)supply is very rich, you can choose from Chines, Japanese or Spanish fans, as well. Their material also varies from silk, lace to plastic…

spanyol legyező-2

photo: Balogi Szilvia – Luc museum, Mallorca

Where is the best to look for a fan?

It doesn’t entirely belong to here, but I was reading earlier, that the fan used to be a tool for flirting, as well. Here are some expressions from the „dictionary of the fans”:
„Resting the fan on the right cheek” means „Yes”. Doing the same on the left cheek means „No”. Striking it across the hand means „I can’t stand you”. The same movement between the eyes says „I am sorry”. Dropping the fan means „We will be friends”. To fan quickly: „I am engaged”. To fan slowly: „ I am married”. To open and close it: „You are cruel”. To open it slowly: „Wait for me!”. To close it: „I have changed”. To rest it on the right ear: „ You have changed”. Twirling it in the left hand: „Leave me alone!”.

How would it be to introduce some of these expressions at the milongas? Although, if a girl is hiding behind a fan, she might reduce her chance for a cabeceo.

Best of luck for choosing the right gift for your loved ones!