Update 2023.01.11: . Thanks to Lucas Molina Gazcon it turned out the Salon Canning is not closed only the milonga organisation Parakultural left them. 

Perhaps the most well-known milonga in Argentina is La Viruta, but besides there are many important tango venues in Buenos Aires. Unfortunately, the world has lost one amazing milonga place, the Salon Canning, and it is already closed forever. The milongas held in it, such as Milonga Parakultural, are also moving.

The wall poster in the background of the picture was also taken down for the last milonga.
salon canning

The last performance of the last milonga

Our local ‘correspondent’, Andrea Serbán (Andi, my dance partner  is in Argentina from mid-Dec. to mid-Jan.) was there at the last milonga held on December 30, 2022. There were several performances that night, but the most touching was the dance of Jorge Dani – the brother of the already deceased Flaco Dani – when he kissed the floor at the end of the performance.

Video: Andrea Serbán

The move of Salon Canning and the new location

The Aires de Milonga youtube channel documented the last night of the venue. If anyone wants to know more about the closing of Salon Canning and the relocation of Milonga Parakultural, they should watch this video.

Life doesn’t stop, in 2023 the Milonga Parakultural will now take place at a new location:

Salon Canning, I will miss you.