Modern – Nuevo Tango

It is completely normal for debut albums like Gotan Project or Narcotango to overtake classical tango music in popularity Music from the 30’s and 40’s need time to develop a connection within ourselves. But this is completely understandable and acceptable. Today I also like to dance to well-composed modern music.

But what happens when Diego Cigala’s music is brought up, even just to listen to? It’s a brutal combination of modern and nuevo tango music.  Who is this man?

Diego Cigala Obelisco

Diego Cigala & Obelisco

Diego El Cigala

The world famous flamenco singer was born in Madrid in 1968. Guitarists gave him the nickname “Cigala”, which can also be translated as: Diego the Cigala.

His other nickname characterizes him perfectly : “the Sinatra of flamenco“.

His solo career began in 1997, with the recognition of his extremely expressive and intensive voice, which penetrates deep down to the bone. These amazing voice characteristics brought him great fame throughout the world.

Cigala and Tango

In 2010 he traveled to Buenos Aires and established the album: Cigala and Tango, and in 2011 it won a Grammy award for best tango album. It’s up to you to decide if it is dancible! Overall, this blend of flamenco and tango is an exciting bundle of energy!

Close your eyes, and turn up the volume. This first version will give you goosebumps:

Other Tango Versions

Close your eyes, turn up the volume! Goosebump II. version. This is the same music from 1971 by Roberto Goyeneche in performance. This is rather for listening than dancing!

Now open your eyes, and get up and dance! This next version is what we usually dance to: Anibal Troilo con Francisco Fiorentino: En esta tarde gris from 1941.

If you are interested in getting to know more of Diego Cigala’s music, here is the complete 2010 concert album, recoreded live in Buenos Airies. Watch and listen to it here. On this album there are world famous musicians such as the great bandeonist Néstor Marconi and the guitarist Juanjo Dominguez.

And finally a few words about the dancer in the clip . Am I right when I say, that the male dancer strongly resembles the lead character Pablo Veronra, from the film “The Tango Lesson” ?  Unfortunately I don’t know who he is. Any tips?

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