argentin tangó oktatóvideók kezdőknek és elkezdeni vágyóknak

These notes are mainly for those who recently started learning tango, and also for those who would like to be introduced to the world of tango.

But naturally for the sake of repetition, advanced students can use this information to refresh their knowledge.

It’s a fact, that the internet is full of good and weak instructional videos.
If you’re already learning tango, then these are wonderful complimentary tools to improve your knowledge.
You can also begin learning Argentine tango with these videos.
You must be careful though, as this method can be misleading due to lack of precision or professional guidance!

Let’s watch the videos:Osvaldo Zotto and Mora Godoy

This video series begins with the tango hold -tango embrace, followed by showing the basics of tango and advanced figures. This is the classical instructional series.

Dario’s Tango Guide: Embrace, basic walk, basic figures.

Diego Blanco, Ana Pedrón (tip): Exciting, modern approach, with good themes!

Sebastian Arce, Mariana Montes – Tangomeet (by pay, but with some special extra lessons)

On the world net you can also find many instructional video series.
If you find something that’s worth putting up, send it to me in a letter or comment. If it’s appealing, it will be put up for all to see!