This article will give you the essential information on how to start Argentine Tango! And through this dance, discover the Dance of Embrace!

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The list below will guide you through some important questions of tango, step-by-step:

What kind of shoes will you need?, How can you find a dance partner? Where can I find instructional videos?. You will also have useful information on the music, performances, courses!

Are you ready? Let’s start

  1. What kind of shoes do you need for class?
  2. How do you find a dance partner? What are the steps in finding one?
  3. Watch Argentine tango performances on the internet!
  4. Listen to Argentine tango music!
  5. Go and watch an Argentine tango night live!
  6. Watch instructional videos on international websites
  7. Find instructors for group or private lessons!
  8. Go to a tango theater performance or a tango show!
  9. Help others find out about Argentine tango!

1. What kind of shoes do you need for dance class?

The most important are the shoes! A tango shoe or dance shoe is not needed, during the first weeks or months. Which ever shoes are chosen, there are a few important things to consider:
instead of tango shoes

  • Be sure that the shoes are comfortable,with soft(flexible)soles and closed toes. Women may have open-toe shoes
  • A non-rubber sole is preferred, especially on the for-front of the shoes.
  • It is important that the shoes do not have any hard borders on the outer-sides, due to the closed position of the feet, which will be used frequently.

Check where could you buy tango shoes here

Clothing should be comfortable, preferably not too tight, as it can restrict movement during dance.
Wear layers, as the temperature may change during the evening, according to the amount of people and other factors (heat,cold,air-conditioning). Wear clothes you feel comfortable and good in.

2.If you don’t have a dance partner, how do you find one? What do you need to do?

tancpartner mindig kellAs with any other kind of partner dance, may it be latin, Argentine tango or ballroom, having a good partner is very important.

  • look for a dance partner in your family, among your friends .
  • special websites: look for dance partners on recommended sites.
    web: in your search engine: dancepartner and your city name!
    You can also find dance partners on Facebook by typing in: dance partner or tango partner: “dancepartner”, “tangopartner”!
  • It is also possible and recommended to attend a beginner tango class alone. Many people do this and find their dance partner during their first lesson…
  • If none of these helped, you could take private lessons from one of the local argentine tango teachers

3. Watch tango performances on the internet!

The performances available on the internet show a huge variety of styles, all which are worth watching! Here are some recommended shows:

4.Listen to Argentine tango music!

The music of the argentine tango is amazing!
This is one of the main reason why you should start dancing!

More modern tango music to listen :

more classical tango music to listen

5. Go and watch an Argentine tango night live!

There is a huge chance that in your city  there are Argentine tango dance nights every  week, called Milonga.

Most places will not charge entrance fees if you have not danced before.
It is recommended to inform the organizers upon arrival.

Have  a coffee or drink and enjoy the ‘milonga’ night.

To find MILONGAs, ask people who already dance or look them up the Internet!

6. Watch instructional videos from all around the world!

The internet provides a huge source of video lessons.
If you have already begun to learn, then the videos can be a great source for further development. For example, Diego Blanco and Ana Pedrón. Their videos are exciting, with a modern approach to teaching and with good build-up of themes.

You’ve never danced Argentine tango? Now you can even try it in your own living room!!! Complete articles can be found here:
Beginners Instructional Videos of Argentine Tango

 7. Find an instructor for groups and/or private lessons!

Use the internet to look for instructors of argentine tango. Use the right keywords in your search engine to find your local community and the opportunities. Keywords could be: “argentine tango group classes”,  “Argentine tango classes”, “Argentine tango”, etc.
argentin tango oktatás viccesen

8. Go and watch a stage production or a show!

All around the word there are many Argentine dance performances and dance shows.
To find stage productions, look around in your hometown. If you find one don’t hesitate! Go and watch it!
argentine tango dance show

9. Help others learn about  Argentine tango!

az argentin tangó az ölelés és az érzelmek táncaArgentine tango is the dance of Embrace and Emotions!

Tango is a pair therapy, an opportunity to discover and learn about your body and soul and a movement-therapy.

Tango improves coordination.

It is a great way to keep your health in a good condition!

Sounds exciting, right?

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  Good luck with this beautiful and wonderful dance! Now Come and check some beautiful tango performances!