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This article is dedicated for all those people who live in Hungary and wants to have tango shoes:
If you live outside of Hungary the following articles could be a good start: Dj Barbel page tango shoes for man and woman

Hurray!!! You started dancing tango, so now it’s time to buy a pair of dance shoes!
Where can you find the information to buy dance shoes for tango?

These are some of the best options for buying tango shoes.

Since this list is continuously growing, you can help us by sharing your experiences on buying your favorite brand of shoes!

We are happy for any comments, letters or information in any form!
Are you ready? Let’s begin!

1. Custom made Shoes!

Salome Hussar:

salome tango shoesThis brand is the result of many years of experince with Argentine tango and manufacturing combined. a strong passion for tango, Hungarian and international masters and passionate dancers and musicians, were all inspirations for establishing this brand.
We are very proud to have a product which represents Hungary 100%, shoes made with authentic shoemaking traditions, with master-craftmanship of the highest quality, handmade here in Hungary.

Ace Shoes:
Originally designed Argentine tango dance shoes for men and women, authentic Italian leather and heel, Argentinean tango leather soles, for tango lovers!
Shoes can be ordered by appointment, where measurements and design will be discussed. Shoe designs are made according to the models available on the website. Start dreaming about your Argentine tango shoes!
Shoe variations can be made from the origional models by using : different heels, front designs, straps, decorations, stones, various colored materials and colored leather, and any other special requests.

ace tango shoes

2. Shops in Budapest for Argentine Tango Shoes!

Address: H-1066, Budapest, Ó street 42.
Everything to do with dance. Come here if you need: dance shoes, accessories and practice clothes. The country’s largest selection is available here!

Taylor Dance Shoes and Accessories:
Address: 1074 Budapest VII. ker. Hársfa street 5.
We supply a wide range of products and accessories for dance, sports and show performances.

Ballare Dance Accesories and Clothes: (The shop has closed)
Dance warm-up clothes, shoes, stones and other accessories…The Ballare Dance Shop was established in 2010, with the goal of fulfilling the needs of amateur and professional dancers. In 2013 their own collection of warm-up clothes was introduced, focusing on looks and comfort.
In 2014 the ‘N Brilliant’ collection of dance shoes was introduced by Nikolett Gercsényi – dancer and instructor, and member of the Ballare company.

3. You Can Order Abroad!

Many times there are exciting sales going on! For example at Darcos, sometimes you can buy 2 pairs for 198 dollars. There is the risk of poor fitting, in this case you can sell them. It is advised to check the guarantee for sending them back because of incorrect size, defects or poor fitting.

Darcos Tango Shoes:
You can order online straight from Argentina. It’s best to catch their sales!

2×4 Tango Shoes:×4-al-pie-shoes/
Shoes from Buenos Aires, changable soles, for dance floors, concrete, stages, very pricey.

Neo Tango Shoes:
The second most popular tango shoe brand. This link is from Buenos Aires and is represented all over Europe. link

Bandolera Tango Shoes:
The favored brand by women. It is official in some places:) distrubitorJudit Somos

Comme Il Faut: (official site)
One of the most exciting shoe brands, available in many places, find them on Google.

Raquel Shoes:
One of the ‘Tangueras’ recommended this brand, the main representer in Europe:link here.

This site distributes all three brands: Lisadore, Comme il Faut and Paso de Fuego dance shoes.

Dni Tango Store:
This dance school in Buenos Aires has great success with distribution of tango shoes and clothes.

Madam Pivot:
One of the most popular brands in the tango community.

Sur Tango Shoes:
Italian tango shoes in Budapest-Andrea Pirity.

 The shoes can be buyed in

Tanguera Dance Shoes:
A Turkish tango shoe brand. A popular competitor.

Turqoise Tango Shoes:
A Turkish brand which has had rapid success. I haven’t tried them yet, but looks promising.

Regina Tango Shoes:
Another poupular Italian brand, in competition with the others.

An excellent and stable shoe from Buenos Aires. Orders can only be made by phone, delivery fee must also be paid.

Luna tango:
It can be order online, based in Buenos Ares.

Madreselva tango shoes:
Tango shoes also in Buenos Aires

Mono Shoes:
A popular brand from Timisoara, Romania.

Mi manera:
Tango shoes from Vienna. The website is not always up to date, better to find them on Facebook. They also carry other brands.

Diva tango shoes
A good brand from Buenos Aires.

Fabio tango shoes:
Fabio tango shoes in Buenos Aires

Souple tango shoes:
Super quality tangos shoes from Buenos Aires, no website only fb.

Poema Tango Shoes:
A fresh new tango shoes brand from South Korea.

And finally a Chinese brand at excellent prices. I know a few people who really like them, and are very satisfied with the quality.
Light in the Box:


4. Buy Shoes in Argentina or Have Someone Bring them Back !

Endre bought shoes for his friends

It’s true!
If you’ve started tango or are an active tango dancer, then there is a good chance that one of your friends or acquaintances might end up in Buenos Aires-to bring you back shoes. That’s what I did!

I really had many adventures with THE salesmen in Buenos Aires. :)

4. Buying Used and Mostly New Shoes in Dance Schools, New Shoes in Festivals

Shoes are regularly put up for sale in the dance schools and dance clubs here. At times shoe exchanges are organized, in Barrio del Tango or in the Budai Tango Club.

Barrio del Tango: Address: Irányi street 18..

Budai Tango Club: Address: Szondi street 98/B.

Nowadays in Hungary, there are many tango festivals and marathons. Many times there are dancers who represent particular shoe brands. As a participant of these events, you can also,bring a selection of shoes for sale.This can be done with the help of the organizers!

5. Find Out Online, There are Many Possibilities!

police woman high heels shoes

If you are not satisfied with these links above, here are more to try:
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