Gaspar Godoy, 2003 World Champion

If your are familiar with World Tango Championships, you might be familiar with Gaspar Godoy’s name. He won the 2003 World Tango Championship in Buenos Aires with his former dance partner Gisela Galeassi. Unfortunately, the video made in the competition probably didn’t survive, just the competition choreography that was performed on one of the TV Channel shows.

Got Talent – Golden Buzzer – Botón Dorado

Carlo Mazzolini and Gaspar Godoy, professional tango dancers, have entered the 2021 Uruguay Got Talent Competition. They said they wanted to take part in the competition because even though they had traveled all over the world, Carla had never had the opportunity to show herself in Uruguay as a tango dancer.

Well, even that Gaspar Godoy was already discovered in 2003 when he won the World Cup, their debut was a spectacular show with the result of the Golden Buzzer. Here is the video of them dancing in the Uruguayan Got Talent.

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2019 Tango European Championship Jury

They also judged at the 2019 European Tango Championships. That year we were there as competitors with my dance partner Andi and we reached the final in the Tango de Pista category.
Here is a show of them. Although not important at all, we can also be seen in the audience, sitting to the right of 1.05 in the middle as our jaw just dropped. :)

Kicsi Csongor and Antonella Terrazas

About tango and Got Talent competitions, did you know that Kicsi Csongor both our Tango European Champion and our amazing Antonella Terrazas were Romania Got Talent in 2017?

They also danced beautifully.

Straight to the semifinals

Gaspar and Carla made it straight to the semifinals with the help of the Golden Buzzer. I look forward to to see will they win the 2021 Uruguay Got Talent?