My colleague sent me a video where two men are dancing, with the remark you should see this! When I looked at it, I almost fell off my chair and I think you will be amazed too, if you haven’t seen it yet.

Milongueros from the past

We know from the history of tango that in the early 19th century there were far more men than women in Argentina. They were also “forced” to dance with each other until they got a female dancer. Just an example, check out these two infinitely famous tango dancers: Antonio Rodaro and Mingo Pugliese:

Men at Tango World Championships

In the World Tango Championships, same-sex couples have been showing up lately. In 2019, for example, the Germán Filipeli and Nicolás Filipeli brothers (twins) finished third at the World Stage Tango Championships.

These two men would win the World Stage Tango Championship

And now come and fasten your seat belts and check out their performance. Beware, they are really good!
Unfortunately, the video cannot be embedded, click on the image to watch the video on Facebook.

How awesome are they! By the way, if you’re thinking of following as a leader, or lead as a follower, read a little about Queer tango.

Cover image source: Facebook Cristian Cerezo