Osvaldo Zotto Lorena Ermocida

Osvaldo with Lorena

Osvaldo Zotto and Mora Godoy

This is a presentation of exciting ‘sacada-ocho’ combinations by Ovaldo Zotto and Mora Godoy.

Why is this an advanced figure?

The man must lead an ‘ocho’ for the woman, in a way that his own axis must move also!

After learning a sequence, we must realize, that when completing a ‘stop’ it can be lead even further!

The figures are also shown by Osvaldo and Mora individually!
They are ranked among the best tango dancers in the world and also known for their amazing variety of movements.

Tip: Learn this figure with precision!

After you’ve learned it, then you can improvise changing some elements inside!

Check the video and good luck!
Do not forget in the learning of the figure, that you have to be able to do it in slow motion.

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