santiago hernandez juliana aparicioSantiago & Juliana giro combination

Santiago Hernandez and Juliana Aparicio are instructors at Tango Berlin, Germany.

They have a superb video teaching a great giro-combination.

According to their own rating the video is for intermediate and advanced students, however, as the execution of the movements require very precise footwork on the part of the leader, I’d say they are more advanced.

Contents of the video:
1. demonstration of the combination
2. Santiago explains the role of the leader
3. Juliana explains the role of the follower
4. demonstration of the explained techniques

The following tips can help you as a leader to further improve your technique in this combination:

It’s time to take a look at the new combination as done and explained by Santiago & Juliana:

Men’s technique from Santiago

Should you have trouble with the men’s technique part of the combination, practice with the following men’s technique tutorial aimed to perfect the use of giro and lapiz, demonstrated by Santiago Hernandez.

Have fun practicing!
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