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Flaco Dany milonga lessons – part 2 – corrida and enrosque (advanced videos)

Flaco Dany & Lucia Mirzan Milonga-fans, here we go! This second part of our milonga lesson series features Flaco Dany and Lucia Mirzan. In the first part we introduced some exciting traspie steps. Today it’s time to take a look at corridas and enrosques! These figures might seem easy yet they are quite technical (that’s why we classified them as advanced). Enjoy learning! milonGa SPOT 3: FLACO DANY, Istanbul 2012 milonGa SPOT 4: FLACO DANY, Frankfurt 2012  Fantastic, isn’t it? Do you want to see what it looks like to use these figures? Let’s take a look at a performance…...

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An advanced sequence of Osvaldo Zotto and Mora Godoy –

Osvaldo Zotto and Mora Godoy This is a presentation of exciting ‘sacada-ocho’ combinations by Ovaldo Zotto and Mora Godoy. Why is this an advanced figure? The man must lead an ‘ocho’ for the woman, in a way that his own axis must move also! After learning a sequence, we must realize, that when completing a ‘stop’ it can be lead even further! The figures are also shown by Osvaldo and Mora individually! They are ranked among the best tango dancers in the world and also known for their amazing variety of movements. Tip: Learn this figure with precision! After...

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