Street shoes + dance socks = dance shoes


I recently bought a pair of street shoes that bear a strong resemblance to tango shoes. People keep admiring my new, stylish dance shoes. None of them notice how unsuitable they are for dancing due to the soles, which stick to the ground as any normal pair of shoes would.

My dear friend, Balazs Gyenis, who is also a tango DJ advised me to buy these magic socks: dance socks. All I need to do is put it over my boots, shoes and I’m ready to dance even tango.

First I had a good laugh over the idea but later found it brilliant. Asked some friends, would they be interested, as I was about to order some. Within a couple hours more than 15 of them signed up.

Say you somehow end up at a milonga on the way home from the theater, and have no dance shoes. Just put these socks on the boots, shoes and voila, new dance shoes appear! Of course this cannot substitute having a pair of proper tango shoes but is a great temporary solution. We’ll be equipped with these on the Thursday night Kazimir milonga, so feel free to pop in on the way home, even without dance shoes. :)

Dance socks are available in two designs and in a range of colours. One type is suitable for dancing on carpet and the other is for smooth surfaces. They can be ordered from . The cost is Us$5-10 + P&P. If you know dance socks or have used them before, either for tango or other dances, please let us know your opinion & experiences in a comment! Could come useful for others… :)