ocho cortado

source: http://thetangolessonclub.com/

Ocho cortado is a frequently used basic figure. Its name means ‘cut eight‘.
Despite of its frequent appearance in classes this figure is very controversial.

Why is it so controversal?

1. Due to its name: is it ocho cortado or ocho milonguero? Although ocho cortado is a more widely accepted term, many call it ocho milonguero.
This might originate from its frequent use at Buenos Aires milongas.

2. Ocho cortado is a hate-it-or-love-it figure, depending on the style you dance.
Some love it, others avoid using it.
For example it is often used in milonguero style whereas many of the salon style dancers avoid dancing ocho cortado.

A well-known salon-style dancer went as far as claiming that ocho cortado (and the “rock step” or rebote) is like eating McDonald’s hamburger. Why would you eat that, when you can have a nice beef steak instead?

Interesting views… Nonetheless, learning this figure is quite worthy. With its numerous variations, ocho cortado requires a small place and makes for a great addition in one’s repertoire.

Let’s take a look at one of the basic variations from Diego and Ana:

The same figure by Lia and Jordi (tangotools)

The following video is interesting both in terms of tango history and the variations of ocho cortado it contains.

Lia and Jordi – tangotools

Are you a strong beginner?  The following video might offer some extras for you. The man inserts a pivot before the ocho cortado

Many videos are available online on this combination, of which I watched a lot (50+). My favorite can be accessed here. Soon we will discuss advanced versions of ocho cortado, with rhythmical and ladies’ embellishments.

Here you find more tango video lessons on different levels.