The finals of the tango escenario are always exciting and spectacular and we all have our favourites.

This year a unique choreography won first place with judges giving it an indredible 9.7 points. With a great musicality and great ideas, is it any wonder that this couple made it to the finals at the first place? The choice of music was excellent too: Balada para un loco by Astor Piazzola and Eduardo Ferrer as the singer.

The winners: Hugo Mastrolorenzo & Agustina Vigno

Beautiful, isn\’t it? Tango and art packed up in a few minutes…


2nd place: Emmanuel Casal & Yanina Muzyca (Argentina)

3rd place: Andres Uran & Estefania Arango (Colombia)

4th place: Simone Facchini & Gioia Abballe (Italy)
5th place:  Dmitry Vasin & Sagdiana Khmzina (Italy)

Fun fact: this year the spectators could vote for their favourite couple and the winners, Juan Francisco Segui & Maria Sanchez won tickets to Paris.
To check the results of the vote, click here.

And finally, the promo video introducing the 20 couples. Their task was to perform a single, simple move:

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