Carmencita Calderon – the oldest Tango Dancer in the World!

If you have ever had a job interview, then you probably had to answer the following question:

Dear applicant! How do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Even more! Where do you see yourself< 5 years later?

How do you see yourself 10 years later? 50 years later?

Will you be dancing Argentine tango when you are 100 years old?

Do you believe that on the picture the dancer is only 18? Most importantly would you believe that she would still dance when she is 100??? We can prove it with video!

Because on this following picture she is already 100!!!

Carmencita Calderon 100

Carmencita Calderon 100 years old!

Watch  Carmencita Calderon, born in 1905, Buenos Aires, and one of the most famous Argentine tango dancers of our time, Carmencita

Calderon dancing at 100 years old!!!

It’s really touching, right?
As a comparison, here is a clip from the film “Tango”, made in 1933 of Carmencita Calderon and El Cachafaz.


What a fantastic life! Carmencita performed with many famous orchestras, and danced in many films during her lifetime. More than 80 years difference can be seen between the two videos!

The question still remains: Will you be dancing Argentine tango at 100 years old?

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