American Got Talent can surprise you season by season. We can see miracles not only in America but also in licensed shows running in other countries, like when the 2003 world tango champion at the Uruguayan Got Talent debuted and received Golden Buzzer. The last thing that came as a surprise to me was when I saw a couple performing after quite simply being lifted onto the stage and showing incredible things to the audience.

Por Una Cabeza – the classical tango song

There are no clear statistics on this, but it is almost certain that in most cases peoples who want to marry each other and want to dance tango they choose Por Una Cabeza. This is the movie with Al Pacino which appeared in the 1992: The Scent of a Woman .That’s why when a tango teacher is asked to do a wedding choreography and is confronted with that song, he usually sighs that “oh, again”!

American Got talent- the tricky acting couple

The “song Por Una Cabeza” appears in the performance of the next couple: Pasha and Aliona. Regardless of their choice of music, this performance is a miracle! It’s a good idea to watch the video from the start. Have fun!

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