So you want to learn tango

Jane wants  to learn Argentine Tango

Tango and Cynicism

Funny and satirical videos from the world of Argentine tango.

These videos are in English. For subtitles, click on the box!
Note: the subtitles might not be an exact translation!
For example- in place of the name “Jane”, in a few places the google translation is “chain” .
The symbol for subtitles looks like this:  click on the symbol to turn on the subtitles.

Beginners, please don’t take the videos too seriously!

1. Jane wants to learn Argentine tango :)

2. Tango is like making love,  salsa is like having sex…

3. I used to listen to the Rolling Stones and drink beer…

Which one do you like the best?
Can you watch them all the way to the end? If you like this kind of humor, then on the site:
tangocynic you can watch more of these kind of videos! Or just come and check the tango tutorial videos :)