Van aki nem ismeri fel őket

Do you recognize them?

Many dancers began their tango career with a serious background in dancing, having fantastic learned-movements, fit bodies and great coordination.

Let’s look at some examples from our dance life here in Budapest. László Budai- ballroom dance and jazz dance, Johanna Kulik- ballroom dance, András Szőllősi, if I remember right was founder of the “Botafogó” Dance Company.

Apart from the above I have danced with, learned from and taught many dancers, professionals to whom I take my hat off.

So what happens to those people who happen to end up in tango???

I’ve done sports most of my life, and none of those had anything to do with dance. What happens if we become serious about this dance?

We need to develop. How? I wrote about this in an earlier article:

Since then many things have changed. I attend two ballet classes and two jazz dance classes with dance master, László Kriszt. By the evening milongas, my body is so tired, that many times I don’t want to dance any more. Over time I’ve learned that we need to really pay attention to our bodies. Everyone has one only! Proper warm-up and cool-down are important. Find out what your body’s limits are! If you have any physical problems, learn how to deal and live with them.

Many dancers, including me, use special inner-sole supports.

Test Tangó Lélek

a. If you do not have any problems:

The following examples show some special situations…
Knee problems? Change of diet, correct medicinal therapy.
Lordosis? (Curved back) special back-holder, TRX, pilates, swimming.


Foot Problems? Flat feet? Bunnions? -> Correctional soles. Some  important  words from “Jucus”, a former dance partner:

For those who have special problems with their soles, an orthopedic master shoe maker is able to make a proper foot-shoe fit in high-heel shoes. This turned out so well, that now I can dance for 5 to 6 hours straight. And afterwards I do not even need ice for swelling. First a copy of your foot is made, and within a few days the supports are ready to use. One pair is about 5000 HF(15-18 EUR). Vilmos Zámbori-master shoemaker.

b.Do you have any injuries?

Read about an incident from a former dance partner, and learn from it!

Áron Ecsedy, the case of a respected polymath and tango instructor: