argentin tangó tanulási lehetőségekOn the next pages you will find Argentine tango videos and instructional videos.

Any given tango lesson – private or group – various methods can be used to teach and learn.

Take notes, take  photos, memorize information…etc…but one of the best ways is making videos.

The internet is an abundant source of information and video lessons, many of them clear and precise, and can give you new insight to your learning process

Results? You will improve! A lot!


Complete Beginner – Fantastic videos to be used during your first weeks of learning tango.

Beginner – One of the most important learning periods. You are in charge of the pace of your learning process, however, it usually takes 1-6 months to move on from being a beginner. During this time, you’ll learn cross-leading, ochos, reboots, and other special movements and their explanations.

Intermediate – Here you will encounter more interesting figures. By the time you’ve reached intermediate level,  it will be easier to pay attention to musicality, walking techniques and figure combinations.

Advanced – No need to explain.

hgyan tanulj táncolni

Men’s Technique – It is highly recommended that men practice on their own even if only at home.  Practicing will improve your spatial awareness, technique and strength.

Women’s Technique – Women normally learn to dance faster.  Nonetheless, they still need to practice and perfect their skills.

Performances– Argentine tango presentations, a subjective view by Endre.

Links to videos:

Complete Beginner, beginner, intermediate, advanced, women’s technique, men’s technique, performances.

Expanding the Collection:

If you find any exciting or interesting videos or instructional videos of good quality, send them to me, or write them in the comment box.
With this you can help others develop in Argentine tango.
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