The World Tango Dance Championship in  Tango de Pista category has three stages, qualifying round, semifinal and final. Each round has different jury therefore every phase is different. It was amazing to see the dances on the spot in the great Luna Park. I had a great place to see all the dancers, the whole competition.

Qualifying round

In the qualifying round the competitors had to dance twice in the famous Usina del Arte. The number of the dancers in this year managed to be the new record in the competition: 433 couples!

usina del arte

Usina del Arte

112 couples qualified to the semifinal. If we check the qualifying round results closely we can see that on the first place was the couple who was second in the final of the Tango de Pista 2017.: José Luis Calvo and Carla Natalia Rossi.


In the semifinal  to the qualified couples were joining the winners of the pre-competions.

What are the pre-competitions?
From the Wikipedia: The World Cup competition is the final leg of a series of pre-competitions held around the world starting from March. Traditionally the city of Buenos Aires and various municipalities choose their own “Municipal” champions who get wildcards into the final rounds. The same wildcard advantage is also given to national or regional champions of recognized competitions; These include Uruguay (UY), Chile (Cali, CL), Colombia (Bogota, CO), Brazil (Rio de Janeiro, BR),[7] USA (San Francisco, US), Russia (Moscow, RU), China (Nanjing, CN), Japan (Tokyo, JP), Korea (Seoul, KR), France[8] (Paris, FR), United Kingdom (London, UK), EU (Campeonato Europeo, Italy)., Turkey and the region (Istanbul, TR).


The final had the same place like last year when German Ballejo and Magdalena Gutierrez was winning it.  The Luna Park. 37 couples was qualifying to the final and three more couples were joining them. The European champion Maksim Gerasimov did not use his right to start from the final, instead he was representing Argentine and started everything from the beginning, from the qualifying rounds.

Huge questions! Who will win this year? The couple who was on the second place last year? Or Maxim the Russian European champion who was first in the semifinal and now he is representing Argentina? Or Carlos Estigarribia with his new dance partner?

There were four rondas in each ronda there were 10 couples:

Final Pista, Mundial de Tango 2018 Ronda 1.

Final Pista, Mundial de Tango 2018 Ronda 2.

Final Pista, Mundial de Tango 2018 Ronda 3.

This ronda had the winner couple… :)

Final Pista, Mundial de Tango 2018 Ronda 4.

Do not waste time, let’s see the result!

Fifth place:

Dmitry Vasin ‐ Sagdiana Khamzina

Fourth place:

Sebastián Bolivar ‐ Agustina Paez

Third place: It was a tie between
Maksim Gerasimov ‐ Agustina Piaggio and
Chandía Diego Luciano, Quiroga Suyay

Second place:
Carlitos Estigarribia ‐ Dana Zampieri

The winner is:

Carla Rossi y Jose Luis Salvo

Congratulation for the winners!

Final results: final-results
Detailed results, jury by jury: final-pista

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