Miracle happened! The new Stage Tango World Champions in 2018 are Russians!

This article it is about who was winning the Tango Escenario World Championship. But not just that. As I was staying in Buenos Aires during the Mundial de Tango I should mention some issues with the voting process.

The vote of the public

Let’s start from the beginning. On the website of the Championship and in the social media could be voted for the favorite couple who was participating in the Final in the Escenario category. There were around 33 thousand people who was voting and almost one third was choosing only one couple.

You do not have to stay in Buenos Aires to vote,
You do not have to see the 20 couples alive,
There are not too many chances to see the performances they made in the semifinal to to get to the final,
Does not matter where are you on the planet.

Therefore the power of Instagram, Facebook etc. could help a lot.

When you entered to the government website this is what you could have seen.

By completing the vote you have received a nice video about the competitors.

Last year Italians were winning it: Simone Facchini and Gioia Abballe. This year Russians: Dmitry Vasin és Sagdiana Khamzina.

Who deserves to be in the final?

When I was sitting in the Usina del Arte during the semifinal of the Escenario, I was thinking, that the judges have very complicated task to vote. They have to select the best 20 couple who will be competing in the Final which takes place in Luna Park. So the question is: Who deserves to be in the final?
Well, there were straightforward answers”Who is not should be in the Final”  but there were questionable Choices: Why is that couple not in the final???

And as I see and hear, there were very dissatisfied voices after the semifinal. This also can be normal, in a competition not everybody is happy.


Taking into account this competition and the last few years we can see that the scoring system needs to be reformed at the Argentine Tango World Championships because they have very serious problems.

What if there is a jury member who says about some competitors:

“I do not want him/her/them to be in the final!”
“I do not want him/her/them to be a champion!”

And why? The reason could very versatile but the result is that even one judge could completely alter the outcome of the Competition. We should not go so far, see last year’s Escenario Word Tango Championship 2017!

Problema de matématica

Aoniken Quiroga in 2006 was second placed (subcampeón) in the Tango World Championship and he was judging for the European Tango Championship in 2017.

One day before the semifinals he was publishing a video about the problems around the Tango World Championship. At the time of this article the video was seen for more than 43.000 people. Although he was mentioning several problems, let’s just faceb with one: The scoring issues of the Championship.
He was
suggesting that the weakest and the strongest score should be taken out from the counting this way the scoring would be more fare. Why? The reasons he mentioned could be many.

He names it as a “problema de matématica”. The relevant part is at 10:45 in the Fb. video! Attention it is in Spanish.

2017 Tango World Escenario Final and the Problema de Matemática

Do you remember last year, when Italy was close to a an incredible surprise? The Italians Simone and Gioia they were very close to win the Tango Escenario World Championship!

Here are the scores from the Escenario Final 2017:

Couple/Judge 1st Axel and Agostina (AR) 2nd Simone and Gioia (IT) 3rd Valentin and Diana (CO)
Judge 1 9.1 9.3 9.50
Judge 2 10.00 10.00 8.75
Judge 3 9.95 10.00 9.50
Judge 4 9.1 9.23 9.45
Judge 5 8.7 8.5 8.40
Judge 6 9.3 8.1 9.50
Judge 7 8.9 8.9 9.00

Let’s recalculate the votes with this new scoring system, NOT taking into account the best and the worst score for each couple.

The result: the situations would be even worse for the Italians. They would have 3rd position!!!

1. Axel and Agostina (AR) – 46.35
3. SIMONE – GIOIA (IT)-  45.93

Well, the new scoring system would not help that much, as many people would want it, but definitely it would make a change.

The winners

Let’s just stop here,  let’s be happy, let’s live in the present!
The miracle happened!
First time not south-American and not Japanese couple is  the winner!


Fifth place:
Dmitri Kuznetsov – Olga Nikolaeva (RUS.)

Fourth place:
Simone Facchini – Gioia Abballe (IT.)

Third place:
Ángel Casal – Yanina Muzyka (ARG.)

Second place:
Valentín Arias Delgado – Diana Franco Durango (COL.)

First place:

Dmitry Vasin and Sagdiana Khamzina (RUS.)

The dance of the winners

Congratulation for the winners!!!

Final scores in pdf. format: final-escenario
Detailed scores order in pdf format: detailed-final-escenario

Previous years results:

2017. stage tango final results.
2016. stage tango final results.
2015. stage tango final results.

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