Szeghalmi Endre és Glotz MáriaArgentine tango is a beautiful, improvisational dance full with passion.

Come and try out one of the most beautiful dance in the world with us in the beginning of January.

INSTRUCTORS: Mária Glotz és Endre Szeghalmi

VENUE: Tango Embrace Budapest in the building of Barrio del Tango, Budapest, Ferenciek square, Irányi street 18, 1056

FIRST LESSON: Wednesday, 11th of January 7.00PM

PRICES: one class 2.500 HUF – 4 session pass 7.000 HUF

We are waiting for you with many years of experience, with great company and great atmosphere!

The lessons take place in the heart of Budapest downtown.
Here you can register:
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