Free Online Tango Class: An extremely easy way to improve your giro and tango technique.

Miguel Zotto and Daiana Guspero

I found an insanely useful, free and online tango class to improve the giro technique. The masters in the video are Miguel Angel Zotto and Daiana Guspero.

Miguel-Angel Zotto is a renowned, world-famous tango maestro. The name Zotto may be familiar to us, as Osvaldo Zotto is the dancer in the “Asi se baila tango” series and Miguel Zotto’s brother. Check out the following milonga dance:

Giro technique and pillow

In the instructional video, Miguel shows a solution to the problem that a lot of tango dancers swing their arm in order to turn. Due to the bad habit, leaders could speed up or  or slow  down the follower even throw them out of the circle.

Miguel gives a simple method: he uses a pillow to improve his arm technique. Unfortunately, they speak Italian and Spanish on the video, but even without language barriers, it’s worth looking at Miguel and Daiana’s great tips.

Here is the video, good practice!