19 couples made it to the finals and joined them the European Champion. In the 20 couples there were Argentinians, 2 Russian, one Dutch and one Colombian For rankings and detailed results (jury by jury – qualification rounds, semifinal and final) see the end of the article.

The most important question was whether the Colombian couple would win as they were ranked second last year. But above all, exciting things happened at this World Cup, there have been some huge debates about the usability of the scoring system, but not just that.

A Russian couple was disqualified

In the semifinals, a Russian couple argued and there was even physical atrocity. The organizers noticed it, therefore the leader of the couple was disqualified. The disqualification is understandable by the organizers and this situation brings up a lot of questions what to do with the similar cases in the future. Here is an article from an Argentinian newspaper.


José Fernandez Escenario World Champion (11 years ago) did not qualify to the semifinal

Could it be worse to be eliminated as a World Champion in the qualifiers? Well, the answer is yes, because on the second day of the qualifier, they changed the song and the choreography, and they had forgotten it in the middle.

It’s better not to show this kind of mistake, but we are humans therefore we are curious. Ruslan Takhirov’s live video at the 19th minute.


A man-man couple in the top five

In addition, it is in the third place. Huge congratulations to them!

World Champions Tango Escenario Category 2019: Estefanía Gomez and Fernando Rodríguez

Here is the video about their winner dance:

This year, too, there was an audience vote, which was won by my favorite, the Colombian couple. Unfortunately, they reached fifth place, even though the jury voted for the first place in the qualifying rounds and the semi-finals.

Detailed results of the Escenario Tango World Championship