szeghalmi endreThis article is a continuation of the  “Download Argentine Tango Music For Free!” blog entry. You can download a lot of tango music in the linked post, but what if you want to find a specific song? What if you only know the melody, for example?

Fortunately, the world has developed a lot in the music search, and after reading this article you will be able to find your favorite music quickly and easily without  searching through a lot of databases.
The followings are not only valid for Argentinean tango, but for any other type of music too: classical music, salsa etc…

1. Find your favorite music

Let’s suppose you fall in love with a beautiful melody on a tango night. What is the name of that song? What are your options to find it?

a. Music search based on singing or humming.

There is a website, where based on humming or singing you are able to identify the songs.


I have tested it with the famous  “Nada” by Carlos di Sarli song. Do you know it?  Out of three try I managed to find the di Sarli version but two times the result was the following:

As I found the title of the song, it would be a step away from finding the right version on  Youtube.

Just to be sure that this is a useful application, I also tried to search for “Yo no sais porque te quiero” song by Rafael Canaro. Do you know this beautiful song?

After humming, the result was more than surprising. :) You can see the result on the following screenshot.

Red Hot Chili Peppers. Oh yeah. Indeed it is very close to “Yo no sais porque te quiero” :)

b. Use music recognition programs.

Suppose you hear the song you’ve been looking for for a long time. Being much more prepared, you get your smartphone ready, launch an application, and by listen to the music you receive the composer and the title of the song. Sounds cool, right?

The two biggest music recognition apps:

Shazam –
Soundhound –

It is worth to mention that SoundHound owns the midomi website.

Both can be downloaded and used with smart phone and internet connection. Their efficiency are much better compared to the humming method.

When I tested it, by playing a song from my tablet he recognized the “Todo es Amor” song without any problems.

However, when I tried to the same with humming on, “Forever Young” was the first to get from Alphaville, and “Barbie Girl” from Aqua for the second time. Pretty funny right?  Obviously I am not Luciano Pavarotti, especially that I was spending the last night on a tango marathon till down.

2. Download your favorite song

a. Convert from youtube video to mp3

There are many softwares that convert youtube video to a downloadable mp3 format. Not sure it is an elegant way, but at least it is an option.

For example this one:

If you search, there are many online and offline apps on the Internet, even extension for web browsers.

b. Spotify, Google Play Music or Apple Music, Amazon – the streaming giants

Of course, there are more sophisticated methods than copying from youtube such as using streaming giants: Spotify, Google Play Music or Apple Music or Amazon or Deezer, etc… For example, Apple Music has 56 million subscribers and has over 50 million music tracks.
With a monthly subscription, you can listen to your favorite song as many times as you like as others. In fact, Spotify, Google Music, Amazon are free to try for a month.

If you are looking for a tango song and the none of the above methods have been successful, try to search in the links of Download tango tango music for free! article. Or just write an email for a tango dj with the title of the song you want. For example, for me. :)

Good music hunting!