Remember Gaspar Godoy’s performance for Golden Buzzer? Carla Mazzolini and Gaspar Godoy are professional tango dancers who set out for the 2021 Uruguay Got Talent Talent Search Competition. They said they wanted to compete because, although they’ve traveled all over the world, Carla has never had the opportunity to show up in Uruguay as a Uruguayan tango dancer.

Golden Buzzer

It was the third semi-final in Uruguay Got Talent on August 16th and they made it to the finals! It could have been tough, as as the first Argentine tango world champion from 2003, Buenos Aires could be under a lot of pressure. In addition, the Golden Buzzer gives an extra burden. As a double addition, there’s the huge responsibility of Carla dancing pregnant.

Let’s see what they danced in the semi-finals:

Good luck in the final!