Vanessa Gauch

Vanessa Gauch

Vanessa Gauch – rhythmic embellishments

We have seen great videos and tips from Vanessa Gauch: the last one gave us five tips for better ochos. In this video, she talks about an other useful topic: a triple-step-embellishment instead of a single step. How can you efficiently make those tiny steps while the leader takes one step only without confusing him, of course?

Tango lesson from Vanessa Gauch

Before we begin, let me mention Vanessa’s other videos: her Youtube channel is a rich source of interesting and useful video lessons and tips for practicing especially ladies technique. One of these is the Mini Practice Video Series. Technique-freaks will love her useful, interesting videos on boleos, giro technique and everything else needed for tango… Use it wisely!

And now for the video:

Hopefully you’ll start implementing her technique in practice soon! I especially like the way she makes these steps during ocho cortado too! As a bonus, let’s take a look at how she incorporates the three-step embellishments during a performance. What happens at 0:35′ is fantastic!

She certainly convinced me!
And finally a tip Vanessa mentions in her video: sometimes less is more! Practice often and use it sparingly; and when you do use it, make it effective!
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