Orquesta Típica Carlos di Sarli

Carlos di Sarli tango orchetra

 Downloadable Tango Music

In an earlier article I listed sites where you can listen to Argentine tango radio online.

If you are fanatic and listen to tango in the car, on the tram, and you even iron your shirts to music, then this article is for you!

You can listen to them anywhere, using these options :) , without internet. Does it sound good?

Source: Konrad Krynski, Balázs Gyenis, Peter Stefanics, Áron Ecsedy, Nadia Chernousova.

1. http://www.eltangoysusinvitados.com/

One of the most popular downloadable music blogs. An incredible amount of tango music and albums.
Many-many djs use it as a great “source of inspiration”!

Once you’ve become familiar with the classic tango orchestras (for example: Orquesta Típica Carlos Di Sarli, Juan D’arienzo ), then you can move on to the next albums. (Bajar=download in Spanish, look for this on the site. )

2. Online Video Collections.

Uncountable albums and collections, today theses can be found on the “special video” sites, youtube, vimeo etc.
Step-by -step directions:

3. Mandrágora 

Downloadable and ready to listen. In the past it was free to download complete albums, but now the rules have changed. For an exchange you can download 70 of their most popular tango music:

4. Tango Rberdi Archives

An incredibly large album collection. 2nd link
Although the last entry was made in October 2009, it is an abundant collection.

5. Other Links

Balázs Gyenis’s tango file list, in order:

  • Russian tango-CD forum (unfortunately the best downloadable links have disappeared, but many are still available): http://goo.gl/3hrRh
  • Canaro – “complete”: http://goo.gl/sxM6F – on “esnipe” all kinds of tango music can be found, unfortunately not good quality.
  • Another site with some exclusive extras: http://goo.gl/W1GWp

Another great source with a rich collection: http://tangoaltruismo.zz.mu/

6.Tango Music-Informational Database

This data base can be your source of help. Here you can find and get information about the tango songs. Do you know the title or composer? Or are you curious about the name of the singer of a song you heard? Try using this!


You can lose a lot of time by surfing the sites listed above. I would recommend starting with major & important orchestras and their work.  Here is a fantastic writing about the best Argentine tango orchestras!

If you download music->listen to music->you dance better at milongas-> this article has already proved to be worthwile for you to read and for me to write.

Share this article with others, and help spread the knowledge of tango music! Afterwards come and check out some argentine tango videos:

Endre’s note:
The post was originally published on 2nd of november 2014, and today (2015.11.11 ) has been updated