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Nany Peralta – exciting new tango technique exercises

Innovative tango excercises In order to be able to progress more in tango, your body needs to develop to the dance: try jazz, ballet, yoga, etc. If you lack time for all these (and even if you don’t) try tango technique. Use well established exercises that will help you move forward. Are you bored by your already existing practice sessions? Are your looking for more exciting things to try? This is your chance to learn from Nany Peralta! Check out these videos and get inspired! Nany Peralta organizes the popular Fruto Dulce milonga in Buenos Aires. His brother, Fabian...

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Rotations and Enrosques – Sebastian Achaval word champion

Somebody told me that Sebastian is his favorite dancer. Which one? It could just as well be Sebastian Jimenez, Sebastian Arce or Sebastian Achaval. All three have been very influential over the past decades. Sebastial Achaval has a great technique video what is in focus today! He was the world tango champion in Salon Tango category in 2005. With Roxana Suare he started to dance in 2007.  They are elegant, with precise, clean techniques. May it be improvisation or choreography, they always take the hit! You can feel the affection towards tango music on their dance. Advanced exercises of rotations and enrosques...

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