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Basics of giro & molinete in tango (elementary-intermediate)

Giro for beginners and intermediates This brief lesson is made for those who have just learned the giro and molinete (aka grapevine) figures at a tango lesson or workshop. However, it can be useful for those who want to find out more about this famous combination or simply refresh their memory. The names of the figure 1. Giro (spanish) vagy  turn (english) Sometimes we call this a turn, however the original name – giro – is often used. The term contragiro refers to a giro executed in the opposite direction of the original version. 2. Molinete (spanish) Sometimes called windmill in english....

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Flaco Dany – Maestro of milonga lessons

Buenos Aires – Mecca of tango Buenos Aires has a very strong appeal. Many tangueros go on a pilgrimage to Argentina to be a part of the city’s vibrant life. We have a good news for those who have not been / can not go to Argentina. Some maestros have such a charisma and personality that they are able to transfer this stong, vibrant appeal of Buenos Aires to any part of the world just by being present at a class or performance. El Flaco Dany Garcia – 60 years of experience One such maestro is Flaco Dany with more...

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