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Argentine Tango: best tutorial videos of Ocho Cortado

Ocho cortado is a frequently used basic figure. Its name means ‘cut eight‘. Despite of its frequent appearance in classes this figure is very controversial. Why is it so controversal? 1. Due to its name: is it ocho cortado or ocho milonguero? Although ocho cortado is a more widely accepted term, many call it ocho milonguero. This might originate from its frequent use at Buenos Aires milongas. 2. Ocho cortado is a hate-it-or-love-it figure, depending on the style you dance. Some love it, others avoid using it. For example it is often used in milonguero style whereas many of the salon...

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Basics of Argentine tango: leading the cross and the notorious 8-step-sequence

Although in Argentine tango there are no pre-defined figures or steps, leading the cross – often in the 8 step sequence – is one of the first things taught in all dance schools. You might have heard of this sequence as 8 count basic. The methods used to teach leading the cross vary from teacher to teacher but as mentioned above the 8 step sequence is frequently used. Why is that? With these 8 simple steps we can prepare and lead the cross, closing down the sequence. This is all nice and simple but as a teacher I beg you NOT...

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