La Glorieta

La Glorieta

Argentine tango in Europe

Attention please! Argentine tango is reaching new levels as conquers Europe! More and more tango-centers develop. The old tendency of capital cities being the heart of the tango culture seems to disappear as tango gains ground. Additionally Europe has beautiful open air milongas!

People say you have to try tango in Turkey because it is great. Well, ladies and gentlemen it is worth trying tango in Hungary as is proven by the video at the end of this article. I could just say “Tango? Budapest is the new Istanbul!”

Open air milongas in Buenos Aires and Budapest

Although tango is more often danced indoors Buenos Aires has some famous open-air venues: La Glorieta, Plaza Dorrego, La Calesita. It is fantastic experience to dance on these as it gives you a different sensation despite of being crowded.
Yet if you have the opportunity to try one of these, do not miss it – you will have a whole different view on tango afterwards.

Visitors of Hungary can choose between various beautiful milonga venues – an other proof of the “Hungarian tango capital”.
One of these is the Műcsarnok milonga organized by Gábor Novák. An other one to see is held by Levente and Antónia Nagykáldi on the Vigado Square – Milonga sin palabras.

And my personal favorite is the Castle terrace milonga which is organized by myself, Balázs Gyenis and Konrad Krynski.

Come and enjoy the Castle terrace milonga with us for a few minutes! Check out the video and come along next week!
Credits for the video: Anita Dobi

To find more tango events in Budapest click here. Still want more? Check out some performances!